Special Female/Pairs & Breeding Bull Auction
Wednesday, December 2nd @ 10:30 am

  • 109 Hfrs, 62 Red Angus, 21 Blks & 26 Bwf all mated Red or Blk Angus, calf 3-1, 5 PB. Red & Blk Angus bulls MT or SD origin sell also
  • 68 Blk w/few Bwf Cows, 3-6 yr olds, mated Angus or Blk Sim bulls calf 3-1, all shots outstanding set of big rugged cows
  • 65 Blk & few Red Angus Cows, 3-7 yr olds mated Blk & Red Angus, calf 3-10, vac leptro-vibro
  • 50 Blk w/few Bwf & Red Angus 1st calf Hfrs AI'd Cow Camp LBW Angus, cleaned up PB Angus bulls, calf 3-1 for 60 days
  • 36 Blk & Bwf Hfrs AI to SAV Bruiser, cleaned up Jindra Angus bulls, calf 2-10 for 45 days, hfrs originated Jefferies Ranch as calves
  • Complete Dispersal 30 Blk Cows, 6-10 yr olds mated Angus, calf 3-25
  • 5 Bwf Cows 3rd calf, mated Char or Red Angus, calf 3-1

Auction will be broadcasted at www.cattleusa.com

Please go online to register for buyer number prior to auction date.

Once the auction starts we can't get you registered so please do not wait till the last minute to register.