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Sale Times for Tuesday, May. 23rd @ 9:00 am Fed Cattle, followed by Weigh Cows & Bulls, Feeder Cattle @ 12:30pm then Bred Cows/Pairs/Breeding Bulls

We recently lost a good friend & a lifelong cattle feeder, Paul Bettin from Wall Lake. Our sincere sympathy goes out to Max & the whole family.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tuesday, May 23rd:

After almost 2 years of counter cyclical movements in the cattle market it should come as no surprise to watch a market rally in late May. Our fat cattle at the auction and the trade in the country will be quoted $2-$3 higher this week as compared to last week. I took a tour through several eastern Nebraska feed yards last week, & I understand what the packers are facing. There is a real lack of market ready finished cattle. We knew the weather had taken a toll on the feedlot cattle, but I don’t think anyone knows how large or long lasting this rally could be. Stay tuned…

Fat Cattle (65 head):
Str. Top - $182
Str. Choice -$177-$182

Str. Select/Choice - $170-$176
2-Ways - $165-$175
Hfr. Top - $181.50
Hfr. Choice - $175-$181.50

Hfr. Select/Choice - $170-$175
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $no test
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $120-$155
Weigh Cows (487 head): 
Fed Cows: $100-$119
Bulk Cows: $85-$100
Low Yield: $60-$80
High Yielding Bulls: $125-$139
Bulk of Bulls: $105-$125
Cutting Bulls: $110-$140
Preg open hfrs: $135-$160
Hfrts: $100-$140


Dispersal of Pairs from Larry & Dianne Schultes May 24th:

We hosted Larry & Dianne Schultes pair dispersal on Wednesday, & the market remained strong. The youngest end of the cows fetched from $2400-$2600 with the bulk bringing $1950-$2450. Solid mouth cows were not far behind with the bulk brining $1800-$2000. When you look at the Jan. feeder futures & they are trading in the 232 cwt. Range, I just can’t help but believe that these pairs could be the best business proposition put in front of us in several years.


Special Bred Female/Pairs & Kline Angus Bulls May 17th:

We had almost 1300 head go through our sale on Wednesday. Great crowd on hand & demand stayed very strong clear to the end. Kline’s 2yr old bulls met w/ good demand w/ prices $2800-$4000. 1st Calf Hfr Pairs $2300-$3025 w/ the bulk trading $2400-$2800. Young Pairs $1800-2800 w/ the bulk trading $1900-$2500. Solid Mouth Pairs $1500-$2200. Aged Pairs $1200-$1550. Spring clving cows were in good demand but lacked any large groups. The bulk of fall clving cows brought $1300-$1700. Should be noted much of the variance in the price of pairs has to do with the size of the calf.


Special Calf/Yrlg May 19th:

We ended the week with a Special Calf/Yrlg feeder sale Friday showing 1200 head. No weakness there. Super demand on all classes!

22 Strs 492# @$297.50             14 Hfrs 459# @$260

10 Strs 585# @$276                 10 Hfrs 573# @$219.50

20 Strs 675# @$239.25             15 Hfrs 618# @$217

15 Strs 721# @$212                 143 Hfrs 772# @$203.50

39 Strs 836# @$207

Western IA Precon. Feeder Fri., Apr. 21st:

We sold just short of 2700 head of feeders on our last precondition auction of the season. Many thanks to the Western IA Group on another successful year. We had several strings of lighter strs & hfrs. The market was really active. Here are a few actual sales:

22 Strs 439# @$310.50             34 Hfrs 430# @$269

32 Strs 509# @$290                 20 Hfrs 574# @$238

22 Strs 615# @$256                 175 Hfrs 656# @$219

111 Strs 700# @$232.50           28 Hfrs 714# @$199.75

31 Strs 660# @$242.75             18 Replacement Hfrs 838# @$196

85 Strs 802# @$214.50