Friday’s storm left a terrible amount of ice & crud we will have to deal with for a while. However as of this writing we’re 2/3 of the way through January & February is a short month. Spring is just around the corner! On a cool side note, Shea Thompson, son of Bob Thompson from Woodbine, is one of the assistant coaches for the 49ers. Congrats on making the Super Bowl! Great crowd Saturday night in Ute, for the Monona County Cattlemen’s supper, congrats to their board on such a successful night!

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tuesday, Jan 14th:
Fed cattle were $1 higher, weigh cows were weaker. I’m thinking these weigh cow runs will shorten up in the next few weeks & I‘m anticipating a little stronger market.
Fat Cattle (105 head):

Str. Top - $124.25
Str. Choice - $119-$124.25
Str. Select/Choice - $114-$118
2-Ways - $no test
Hfr. Top - $126
Hfr. Choice - $119-$126
Hfr. Select/Choice - $114-$118
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $no test
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $80-$95
Weigh Cows 614 head):  
Fed Cows: $60-$65
Bulk Cows: $45-$60
Low Yield: $35-$45
High Yielding Bulls: $no test
Bulk of Bulls: $70-$80
Cutting Bulls: $80-$95
Preg open hfrs: $100-$120
Hfrts: $75-$100
Bred Female, Jan 8th:
Our first bred female auction of 2020 had such a better feel than the last couple of months. We had 700 head which is quite a few less than what we’ve seen at this same time in years past. A higher undertone was noted throughout. I do think the broken mouth cows look like a great buy. Here are some ranges.
Young Cows: $1400-$1700
Med Age Cows: $1000-$1300
Aged Cows: $700-$950
1st calf Hfrs, most: $1500-$1700

There will be Cow special is on Wed Jan 22nd.

Feeder Cattle Auction: Fri, Jan 17th:
Friday’s feeder auction got dealt a terrible blow with Friday mornings blizzard and ice conditions. We still had over 1600 head. Big thanks to the buyers for supporting our sellers under such adverse conditions. The market was very acceptable considering the conditions. Here are the ranges from Friday’s auction:
Steers:                                     Heifers:
4 Wts $180-$190                    $150-$160
5 Wts $160-$181                    $140-$152
6 Wts $150-$161                    $135-$141
7 Wts $140-$150                    $130-$136

Next auction is on Friday, Jan 24th @ 10:30am