is proud to host the
550 Bred Hfrs/Cows Auction,
Wed, Dec 11th, 2019 @ 11am


250 Blk 1st calf Hfrs mated to Sons of SAV Rain DanceLBW Angus, calf March 24th for 21 days. These bulls gained over
5#/day on test. The steer mates to these Hfrs gained 4.17#/day from weaning till harvest. These hfrs were all raised in the NW South
Dakota region and have been running in local stalk fields since October. The hfrs are bred for maternal traits. Quality is outstanding.

300 Blk Cows, 2nd -6th calf, mated Sons of Harvestor & Resource, all from Schaff Angus Valley, calf March 25th for 45 days. Sorted to age groups.

This is a closed herd; all of these Hfrs & Cows were calved @ Topf Ranch in western South Dakota. All given full preconditioning shots as calves and have current preg guard, worm and poured and Modified Live program. All Cows & Hfrs out of Schaff Angus Valley genetics. After years of focusing on a Schaff based breeding program this herd represent maternal and carcass traits that are at the forefront of the beef industry. Fertility, uniformity, gain ability and

finished grade are characteristics that have been the focus of Topf Ranch and will be apparent upon your first look. These females will be sorted and sold in any size lot suitable to the buyers.

For further info call Denny or Lori Topf @ Cell 712-269-9588 OR Jim Schaben 712-263-9449