Special Bred Female/Pair/Breeding Bull Sale

Wednesday, January 26th @ 10:00 am *Note Time*

Expecting 1250 Head


  • 139 Blk Angus & Few Bwf 1st Calf Hfrs, 1150# excellent disposition, purchased from a reputational ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska, complete vaccination & mineral program. External link opens in new tab or windowVideo Available Here
      • 90 safe AI to Sav Brilliance, Due to calf 2/23
      • 33 mated Bo Fox calving ease Angus, Due to calf 3/16
      • 8 Due to calf 4/6
      • 9 Due to calf 4/27
  • 113 Fancy Angus 1st Calf Hfrs, Montana origin, 1100#, Mated LBW Bruhn Angus, Due to calf 3/5, ultrasounded with 85 hfrs settling in first 3 weeks
  • 99 Fancy Angus Hfrs 1150#, 1 iron out of Ogallala Ne. as clvs, AI to SAV West River, Due to calf 2-10, 62 safe to AI date and the balance was cleaned up with Voss Angus, All shots scourguard x2, This reputation set of hfrs are ranch sisters to our top hfrs last year! External link opens in new tab or windowVideo Available Here
  • 26 Blk Angus 1st Calf Hfrs, 1100#, mated Blk Angus (LBW Bull), Brinkley Angus genetics, Due to calf on 3/1, scourguard x2, spring vac.
  • 25 Big Blk 1st Calf Hfrs, 11 AI to calving ease Blk Waygua Bull, Due to calf 2/25, 14 mated calving ease Blk Waygua Bull, Due to calf 3/14
  • 18 Blk 1st Calf Hfrs, AI 1 day to Nichols Extra LBW Angus Bull, Due to calf 2/25
  • 18 F1 BWF Hfrs, AI to Turning Point, clean up with Sim-Angus, Calf 3/1

  • Dispersal of 85 Fancy Angus Cows, western origin, 10 1st calf and balance 2nd-3rd, 1250#, mated Nichol Angus Bulls, Due to calf 3/15, calves always top market weighing over 800# on our December preconditioned auction, don't miss this set!!
  • 80 Bwf Cows, 2-4th calf, mated Leachman Sim Angus Cross, Due to calf 3/10
  • 69 Blk & Few Bwf Cows, mated Blk Sim or Angus, Due to calf 3/1
  • Dispersal of 66 Blk Cows, 5-8 yr old, mated to Miller Angus or Upstream, Due to calf 2/10 for 60 days, calves topped Jan 7 feeder auction
  • 65 Mostly Blk Cows, 4-8 yrs old, mated Angus & Sim Angus bulls, calf 2/25
  • 40 Blk Bred Cows, mid age cows, one iron Montana origin, 1st group due 2/7 for 60 days mated to Vermilion Angus and Eaton Char, 2nd group due 3/15 mated to Vermilion Bulls for 45 days
  • 40 Big Frame Angus Cows, 5-8 yrs old, mated Topf Angus bulls, Due to calf 3/10, outstanding calf raisers
  • Dispersal 29 Blk Cows, 2nd to 3rd calf, mated Shepherd Char, Due to calf 2/20 for 65 days
  • 2 Blk Cows, mated Kenny Angus, calf 4/1

Auction will be broadcasted at www.cattleusa.com

Please go online to register for buyer number prior to auction date.