Special Bred Female/Pair/Breeding Bull Sale

Wednesday, December 1st @ 11 am

  • 200 PB Angus cows (no papers) predominately SITZ bloodlines mated to Thomas Angus bulls.  Calf 3/25 for 70 days.  150 of the cows are 4 and 5 year olds. Balance up to 8 yr old.  All annual shots.  These cows are the last of the Curcanti Ranch dispersal direct from  MONTROSE Colorado  that topped our February cow sale.  These are commercial cows, big, stout and GENTLE! You will not be disappointed.  External link opens in new tab or window Click Here to See Video

  • 67 Blk/BWF Complete Dispersal Cows 2-4 calf, mated Gardner PB Angus. Calf 3-1
  • 58 Blk/Bwf Hfrs AI'd to KCF Fairbanks, cleaned up with Wagonhammer LBW Angus Bulls for 45 days. Calf 2-10
  • 50 purebred Angus 1st calf Hfrs, (no papers), mated  AI only to Schefelbein Angus bull. No clean up bulls.Due to calf 3/8. Hfrs have been sexed for calf and Will be sold that way. These heifers selected and sorted for maternal traits and docility and originated from the Ellingson Ranch in North Dakota. All vac including calf scour and mineral program. Hfrs will weigh over 1100 and will be a excellent addition to any commercial herd.  External link opens in new tab or windowVideo to follow
  • 50 Blk/Bwf cows 4-6 calf. Bred blk & sim angus. Calf 3-20, South Dakota Origin
  • 50 Fancy Blk/Bwf 2nd Calf Hfrs. mated to PB Angus bulls. Calf 3-10. Awesome set that weaned a great set of calves.
  • 50 Blk 4-6 calvers. Mated Jorgensen Angus, calf 3-15 for 70 days
  • 44 Blk/Bwf Pairs with 250# calves on side. 4-6 yr old cows
  • 42 Blk Cows mated to Blk Sim bulls. Calf 3-10. 6-8 yr old cows
  • 42 Purebred Angus (No papers) mated blk. Calf 3-1
  • 36 Blk Cows 4-6 yrs old. Mated Char/Angus calf 2-10 for 60 days. Direct out of Colorado.
  • 13 2nd calvers bred to Larsen Angus. Calf December
  • 6 Blk 7&8 yr old cows mated angus. Calf 5-1
  • 5 Blk 3rd Calf, 4-5 yr old cows. 450# calf on side. Back with bull

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Please go online to register for buyer number prior to auction date.