Special Bred Female/Pair/Breeding Bull Sale

Wednesday, December 15th @ 11 am

  • 89 Fancy Angus & F1 Bwf Hfrs, NE origin. AI'd to SAV & Janssen Angus Bulls. Due Jan 29th, safe by ultrasound. Pelvic measured-breeding track scored. Preg guard 10 scourguard x2
  • 44 Bwf 1st Hfrs AI'd to Stevenson Roundup, no clean up bull. Heifers are Holden Hereford bloodlines. Calf 2-5
  • 40 Blk 2nd Calf Cows mated Sitz Angus. Calf 3-10 for 45 days. This big gentle set of straight 2nd calf cows, weaned big calves in August.
  • 38 Blk 2nd & 3rd Cows. Mated hereford. Calf 2-1 for 30 days.
  • 35 F1 Red Angus x Char (Mellow Yellow) 1st Calf hfrs. Sandhills origin. 1200# AI'd to Fusion Red Angus cleaned up Ludvigson Red Angus, Calf 3-1. As good as you can find!!
  • 30 Blk Cows - Complete Dispersal, 2-6 years old, Mated Angus, Calf 3-1,
  • 25 Fancy Blk 2nd calf hfrs. AI'd to Brilliance cleaned up Woodhill Angus. Calf 3-30
  • 20 Bwf 1st Calf hfrs AI'd to Stevenson Roundup, no bull exposure. Calf 3-10. Holden Hereford Bloodlines
  • 18 Red/ Blk Middle aged cows. Great Condition, western origin. Calf March & April
  • 14 Blk/Rd 2-5 yr old cows bred blk. Calf 2-1
  • 11 Red Cows 4-7 yrs old. Mated Weaver Red Angus ( Brown Redemption) Calf 3-10 for 60 days

Auction will be broadcasted at www.cattleusa.com

Please go online to register for buyer number prior to auction date.