Special Bred Female/Pairs & Steele Sim/Angus & Angus Bulls

Tuesday, June 6th @ 12:30AM

Steele Land & Cattle Bulls

20 Blk Sim/Angus & Angus 2yr old Virgin Bulls - More Info. to come!


  • 80 Angus Cows, 2yr-6 yrs old, 32 Pairs & 48 Breds, AI'd or mated D&D Angus Bulls, cows & clvs had all shots, several cows out of AI stock, great set of cows w/ performing genetics!
  • Disperal 8 Breds & 3 Pair, mated PB Sim
  • 10 2yr old Angus Bulls, majority sired by Schaff SAV performance, moderate BW
  • 2 Bulls, 1 2yr old Primo Angus, 1 3yr old Lim. Bull
  • 2 2yr old Angus Bulls, Qurik Ranch origin (Hastings NE)
  • 1 Sim/Angus Yrlg Bull, sired by Innovator, 76# BW

Auction will be broadcasted at www.cattleusa.com

Please go online to register for buyer number prior to auction date.