Western Iowa Feeder Cattle Producers Organization

Rules governing Western Iowa Feeder Cattle Organization Preconditioned Feeder Cattle Sales:

1. Castrated and dehorned.
2. Vaccinated for:

a. IBR (red nose) b. P1-3 c. Clostridial d. Worming
e. BVD f. Hemophilus g. B.R.S.V.  

3. Grub treatment (Aug. 15 - Dec. 1) or lice treated (after Dec. 1)
4. Weaned--all calves sold must have been weaned 30 days before the sale.
5. Must be in owner's possession at least 60 days before the sale.
6. Calves must be treated and vaccinated at least 3 weeks before they are sold.
7. Preconditioning shots must be given by a certified vet and green tags placed in the ear at that time.
8. Must have green tag in ear when delivered to sale (no cattle can or will be green-tagged day of sale.)
9. All calves must have and Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Preconditioning Certificate signed by owner and veterinarian (Preconditioning Certificate must be presented by sale time.)
10. A fee of $.25 per head will be charged. Sale of preconditioned calves at an organization sponsored sale will entitle the seller to membership in the organization for the coming year without payment of dues.
11. Bulls or calves with horns will be sold at teh end of the sale or taken home.
12. (New is 2004-2005) Gold Tag Program--Same Rules as the Green Tag Program, but the calves will have two shots of all vaccinations at least two weeks apart and at least two weeks before the sale.
13. The sale will be advertised as a Western Iowa Feeder Cattle Producers Organiztion Preconditioned Sale (not as a green-tagged sale.)
14. The organization reserves the right to alter rules in unusual circumstances.

2008-2009 Directors of Western Iowa Feeder Cattle


President William Schaupp Dunlap, IA 712-643-5574
Vice President Don Hektor Logan, IA 712-644-2981
Secretary David Moorhead Moorhead, IA 712-886-5370
Treasurer Tim Houston Denison, IA 712-263-3023
Computer & Records Jeannie Schmidt Moorhead, IA 712-886-5370
Directors Tom Musfeldt Manilla, IA 712-782-3249
  Dick Clark Manilla, IA 712-653-3602
  Jeremy Schroeder Denison, IA 712-263-8459
  Dave Boettger Arion, IA 712-263-8550
  Jim Reiser Arion, IA 712-263-9315
  Bill Brink Castana, IA 712-353-6730
  Kevin Parr Castana, IA 712-884-2431
  Chris Graeve Charter Oak, IA 712-678-3575
  Ralph Dorale Charter Oak, IA 712-678-3320
  Gene Mahnke Manilla, IA 712-653-2479
  Fred J. Gruhn Manning, IA 712-653-3906
  Craig Harm Denison, IA 712-263-8238

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