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Hopefully we’ll see some extended days of sunshine and get to working on this crop. Yield reports look very good and it will be so nice to get some to town. Calf runs up in the Dakotas are in full swing and markets have been on fire. Ranching is hard work so it’s nice to see them see a significant boost to their bottom line!! As always be safe out in the fields and be respectful to all the big equipment on the roads. It is a dangerous time of year.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows  Tues, Oct 10th:
Excellent day for fed cattle sure trading $1-2 better than the week before. Weigh cows were maybe $1 higher. We sure can use more Fed cattle. If you have any to market please give us a call we’d love to stop out.
Fat Cattle (425 head):
Str. Top - $110
Str. Choice - $107-$110
Str. Select/Choice - $104-$107
2-Ways - $110-$117
Hfr. Top - $109.25
Hfr. Choice - $106-$109.25
Hfr. Select/Choice - $102-$106
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $85
Select Holsteins - $76-$78
Fat Hfrts. - $no test
Weigh Cows 141 head):  
Top Cows: $67-$77
Bulk: $59-$67
Low Yield: $50-$55
Premium Bulls: $87-$93
Bulk of Bulls: $80-$87
Cutting Bulls: $100-$110
Preg open hfrs: $115-$125
Hfrts: $80-$90

On a rain soaked Friday we offered over 1600 head of outstanding calves & yearlings. Weigh nearly 5 inches of rain locally yard conditions didn’t help the prospect of weaning calves. The market remains very active. Once again thank you to both buyers & sellers. Here are a some actual sales:
20 Strs 454# @ $190.00
32 Strs 543# @ $188.25
35 Strs 597# @ $177.00        19 Strs 611# @ $170.00
37 Strs 726# @ $157.00
16 Strs 1012# @ $142.75
10 Hfrs 520# @ $167.00
45 Hfrs 547# @ $161.00
22 Hfrs 579# @ $158.00
59 Hfrs 751# @ $157.00

 If you have calves or yrlings to market please give us a call for an on the farm appraisal. Next auction is    Special Calf/Yrlg Friday October 20th  @ 11 am.

We had a decent run of Breds & Pairs. Young pairs traded pretty well, from $1500-$1800. Young fall Breds were $1400-$1550. We are gearing up for our November & December cow specials. Please call if you have any to market.

Next Bred Cow/Pairs Special is Tuesday, October 24th