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Please come and see us this Friday for our 67th Anniversary Calf/Yrlg Auction. Current World Champion Brian Curless from Illinois will be here selling all day. Free Beef BBQ served by the cattleman. This is our chance to say thank you to all our valued customers & showcase an awfully good set of cattle.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows  Tues, July 25th:
Nice run of market stock on Tuesday with fed cattle $1-2 lower than a week ago & weigh cows $1-2 higher. After a negative on feed report sent futures limit lower on Monday, Fed cattle buyers were able to save just a touch of money. All in all I’m very happy with the overall fed cattle as several of the cattle being sold are very profitable.
Fat Cattle (280 head):
Str. Top - $120
Str. Choice - $117-$120
Str. Select/Choice - $115-$117
2-Ways - $no test
Hfr. Top - $120
Hfr. Choice - $117-$120
Hfr. Select/Choice - $115-$117
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $no test
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $85-$100
Weigh Cows 194 head):  
Top Cows: $77-$84
Bulk: $68-$76
Low Yield: $55-$65
Premium Bulls: $95-$103
Bulk of Bulls: $88-$98
Cutting Bulls: $90-$105
Preg open hfrs: $100-$120
Hfrts: $80-$90

We had a very nice feeder auction Tuesday selling over 800 head. 8 wt. strs. topped at $153. That market appears very good. 

If you have calves or yrlings to market please give us a call for an on the farm appraisal. Next auction is    Special Calf/Yrlg Friday August 4th  @ 11 am.

Bred Female Tue, June 27:
e had the dispersal of the Pat Fields Estate cows. As good of cows as we’ve ever sold most of the pairs traded $2400-2550.

  We love the cow business so please don't hesitate to call.

Next Bred Cow/Pairs Special is Tuesday, August 8th.