Cattle may be delivered on Saturdays and Sundays and, in an attempt to avoid Tuesday morning lines, we encourage you to deliver your cattle anytime on Monday. We offer 24-hour load-in and load-out services for your convenience. All fat cattle are sold in order of arrival.


Bred Female/Pairs/Breeding Bull Auction

Tuesday, August 29th @ 12:30 pm 

  • 50 Blk Cows w/150-200# calves @ side, 3-6 yr olds

  • 50 Blkx fall calving Hfrs AI'd Protege (Angus), cleaned up Protege Sons, calf 9-25 for 21 days, all shots

  • 40 Fancy Big Blk fall calving Cows, 4-8 yr olds mated Angus, calf 8-20

  • Comp Disp: 26 Big Blk fall calving Cows, 4-7 yr olds, mated Blk Sim, calf 10-1 scour guard shot and Long Range wormer

  • 23 Blk fall calving Cows, 4-8 yr olds mate Angus, calf 9-10

  • 15 Charx Cows solid mouth w/Char calves @ side, running back with Char bulls

  • 10 Blk Cows mated Angus, calf now

  • 10 Red Angus & Char Cows, Two Oak breeding w/calves at side

  • 8 Blk Cows w/big calves @ side

  • Comp Disp: 8 Blk & Bwf Cows w/300# calves @ side, also selling 3 yr old Jake Melby breeding Bwf Sim/Angus bull

  • 6 Blk 1st calf Hfrs w/calves @ side, all work done to calves

If you have any cattle to sell, please call us at 712-643-5761.
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