Cattle may be delivered on Saturdays and Sundays and, in an attempt to avoid Tuesday morning lines, we encourage you to deliver your cattle anytime on Monday. We offer 24-hour load-in and load-out services for your convenience. All fat cattle are sold in order of arrival.


Special Calf/Yrlg Auction

Friday, December 29th @ 11 am 

  • Featured Consignment selling at 11 am: 335 Bred Hfrs & Cows from Wagonhammer Ranch consisting of: 254 Spring Bred Cows, 23 Spring bred Hfrs, 45 Fall Cows/Calf Pairs, & 13 Fall bred Hfrs. Some are P.B. Angus, some Club Calf Cows mated Club calf sires, Uncle Cy, Blades of Glory, etc. spring calvers start in Feb-March. Wagonhammer Ranch

  • 21 Blk Cows, 7-9 yr old mated Char, calf 3-1

  • 20 Gentle Angus Hfrs AI'd to Coneally Right Answer, calf 2-3 CHV, all pre-breeding shots including Long Range, extremely docile 

  • FEEDERS Sell after all the breds/pairs:

  • 57 Blk & BWf S/H 800-825#. long time weaned, all shots

  • 45 Xbrd Strs 750-850#, green

  • 24 Blk S/H 600#, g.t. vac

  • 16 Blk S/H 600#, all shots

  • 12 Blk S/H 550#. g.t. vac & wean

  • 11 Blk S/H 650#, all shots

If you have any cattle to sell, please call us at 712-643-5761.


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