Bred Female/Pairs/Bull Auction
Tuesday, May 1st @ 12:30 pm
Selling at 1pm Mark Hood will offer 15 stout yrling & 2 yr old Charolais bulls. These bulls are stout in their kind and will offer tremendous growth to an cow herd. Go to for complete info or call Mark Hood at 712-210-4958.
Trickle Creek Red Angus will offer 15 Red Angus 2 yr old virgin Bulls. Powerful set of bulls. Go to or contact Greg Raasch @ 712-210-0332 for more info.

  • PAIRS:

  • 150 Blk Hfr with AI'd  Wagonhammer Pay Grade Angus, calves @ side. Hfrs out of MT as calves. Calves born 2-15 to 3-10. calves 7-way, 4-way, past, C & D, Inforce, cast. As fancy as you'll find.

  • Complete Dispersal: 75 Red Angus & Blk Angus Cows 3rd calf w/big Red & Blk Braesch Red & Blk Angus sired calves @ side

  • 75 Blk Cows 6-9 yr olds w/big Blk calves @ side

  • The above 2 sets of cows have had Leptro Vibro and calves all cast, 7-way & 4 way, str calves implanted

  • 50 Blk Cows 3-8 yr olds w/big Blk calves @ side, calves all worked

  • 40 Red Angus Hfrs w/Beckston Red Angus calves @ side, Hfrs had all shots, worm & pour. Real fancy set of Hfrs.


  • Comp. Disp. 107 Blk fall calving Cows, 2-4th calf, AI'd Coneally Western Front or cleaned up P.B. Angus bulls, calf 8-25 for 30 days